Going Headless with MVC

On the 19th of January in 2023 I did a talk about Headless and MVC with Umbraco on Umbraco Community Day.

Umbraco Community Day

On the 19th of January 2023 I was fortunate enough to be able to talk about Headless and MVC to a big portion of the community. Thank you all for watching if you where there. And thanks to the organization to make it all possible. 

In my talk I discuss headless from a software design perspective. What we need to make something "Headless", and how we would do this with with a server-side rendered application. Mainly talking about component dependencies and the importance of boundaries between components. Decoupling Umbraco to "protect" the presentation from changes. Both from self-inflicted changes, or changes from Umbraco themselves. 

The Source Code

In the talk I showed snippets of a prototype working with these concepts. This prototype is actually a stripped down version of the website you're currently viewing. The same concepts, but worked out further, are implemented on this blog. Of course this is super overkill for this small little website. But as an enthusiast I just had to go all out. I decided to make the source code of this prototype for everyone to see, so you can find it on my GitHub page.

At this time the project is a prototype and nowhere near completion. I'd like to continue developing this into a sort of template if there would be any interest. You can star the repo to follow changes or developments.

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The Slides

I probably went way too fast in the talk because of nerves. So for anyone that is interested; I've exported the slides to PDF for anyone to see. You can download it in the link below.

Open the slides

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