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  • Umbraco Community Day 2023

    On the 13th of december I attended Umbraco Community Day in person as a speaker and just hanging out behind the scenes.

  • DF23: A Fun Day

    At 28 september 2023 there was another edition of the Dutch Umbraco Fest organized by the Dutch User Umbraco Group. This year I was also a speaker at the event.

    Umbraco, Talks
  • The Statically Generated Umbraco Website

    Statically generating websites has been a trend for a while but is often overlooked as an strategy to avoid costs. In this blog post I will explain how I have converted this very website in to a statically generated one, making my hosting free. And it only took me under an hour.

    Umbraco, Netlify, Hosting
  • Codegarden 2023: A Friendly Conference

    From 13 till 17 June I had the privilege to attend Codegarden in Odense, Denmark with my colleagues and here are my personal highlights from this wonderful week.

  • Using Value Objects in .NET

    When talking about DDD you might've heard of value objects. What are they and how can we use them?

    .NET, C#
  • Going Headless with MVC

    On the 19th of January in 2023 I did a talk about Headless and MVC with Umbraco on Umbraco Community Day.

    Umbraco, Talks
  • Taking a look at .NET 7's Regex Generator

    With .NET 7 we've also had the introduction of the Regex Generator attribute which focusses on regex performance by generating code. Let's take a look on how to use it.

    Best Practises, .NET, C#
  • Start Using Roslyn Code Analyzers

    A nice thing that Roslyn (the compiler platform for .NET) offers is static code analysis. We can use this to our advantage to keep the project maintainable and in line with our code style.

    .NET, Best Practises
  • Start using a Cancellation Token

    Every ASP.NET Core request has a cancellation token. But a lot of the times we forget to parse it down the call stack. Here's how and why we should do it.

    .NET, Best Practises
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